Impacting the future of government

Techstars and Dcode42 have joined forces to create a program known as Techstars++ in Partnership with Dcode42. Drawing on the combined entrepreneurial expertise and extensive networks of both Techstars and Dcode42, this groundbreaking new program is designed to bring innovative new technologies into the US government.

This September, Techstars++ in Partnership with Dcode42 will select a small group of exceptional Techstars alumni for an intensive two-week program focused on understanding the federal market and connecting with key government stakeholders.



Taught by experienced staff and experts, our curriculum gets you “speaking government” quickly. The education program covers essential topics such as protecting IP, government funding cycles, and federal marketing 101.


With access to both industry and government, Techstars++ Dcode42’s networking program helps companies connect with trusted industry partners and agencies that can benefit from their solutions.


Companies selected for the program will receive exclusive briefings with key stakeholders and leadership from government agencies. Participating agencies include NGA, FCC, DHS, CBP, US Digital Services, FAA, DOI, and many others!

Briefings Provided By: